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According to the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC):
Pictures Work - The familiar adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” has proven to be true time and again by the return of missing children who have been identified…. thanks to the dissemination of photographs and information by thousands of companies and individuals helping…..millions have already joined in this search.” You can too by having a good quality and recent photo of your child which is an important tool for law enforcement agencies to use in the case of a missing child.
The National and International Centre for Missing Children have been campaigning to raise awareness about the power of yearly photo and their importance in the search of missing children.
We will like to offer your school the opportunity to Partner with V&K Portraits to deliver a complimentary Child Safety First ID Card to every family in your school.

                ”V&K Portraits” is looking forward to the opportunity to take an active role in this ongoing process.
CSF (Child Safety First ID Card)
Since the National Centre for Missing Children’s inception in 2000, it has made an impact in protecting children by offering hope to families, “who know that the search will not end till their child is found".

Candid photography is the capturing of events or activities in a spontaneous manner as they unfold. If your school is having a yearbook published, school candid photography is a must! Candid photography is the visual impact of your yearbook. ‘V&K’ offers creative school activity photos, dynamic sports team coverage and group photography.

This program is truly a great way to capture the memories of your school.

Begin your planning now and remember that candid photography is a great way to add some artistic flair to your school’s yearbook.
School Candid Days

“V&K Portraits” offers candid photography days to participating schools.

What is candid photography and can it benefit our school?
Principal’s Album

A great way to remember each class year after year is with our “Principal Album”. Each album is customized for each school and includes one digital print of each class. Principals line their shelves with this great reminder of years gone by and the wonderful students that have passed through their school on their way to greatness.

This is an absolutely must have for any administrator!

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