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                                                                                           The most commonly asked Questions.

Q. How will my child be notified about Picture Day?
A. Your child’s school will be provided with a Picture Day notification poster and order forms: The order forms are typically sent home with student 2 to 4 weeks prior to Picture Day. This flyer includes package and pricing information along with an attached order form envelope. Your child’s school may also include Picture Day information in its newsletter or school website.

Q. What if I would like to volunteer on Picture Day?
A. Picture Day is a big day at school. Teachers and parent volunteers play an important role escorting classes to the camera and assisting the students with grooming. We always welcome parent volunteers for Picture Day. *(Please do contact your schools PTA first)

Q. How do we ensure a good picture for each student at my child’s school?
A. You can have mirrors, combs and volunteer helpers on hand to make your student’s picture the best it can be. Our photographers are trained to adjust lights and respectfully pose your student’s to capture their true spirit.

Q. How quickly are finished pictures returned?
A. Portraits will be delivered to the school approximately three weeks after Picture Day.

Q. What forms of payment can do you accept?
A. Money orders are preferred, though cash is also accepted. See your Picture Day flyer for more details.

Q. What if I didn’t order enough pictures? Can I get more?
A. Absolutely. Simply follow the instructions on the reorder form in your portrait envelope or contact our studio directly by phone or email

Q. Can I get a copyright release on my school’s photographs?
A. “
V&K” has a copyright policy designed to protect the images it takes - similar to the policies used by moviemakers, video producers and writers. While your parents do purchase pictures of your students, the original image remains the property of “V&K Portraits”. This original image cannot be photocopied or reproduced without the company’s express written consent.

Q. How many Picture Days do most schools have?
A. The beginning of the year is a time-honored tradition and a necessity for school IDs, yearbooks and other important administrative support products. Spring portrait programs offer the opportunity to have studio style portraits featuring contemporary backgrounds.
We are also able to capture your senior class in
Cap & Gown and Street or Dress clothes! This new concept is sure to excite your Students by revolutionizing Senior Picture Day. Cap and gown colors are decided on by the school prior to picture day.

All portrait programs typically include special portrait ad-on products such as key chains, bookmarks, mugs, Self-portrait and Future President Posters and metallic gift products.

Q. How does my school benefit from Picture Day?
A. Our products, programs and services are highly valued by schools. In many cases, a portion of the portrait purchase pricebeto the school or sponsoring organization as part of its Fund-raising activities.

Q. Should my child wear school uniform?
A. This question best answered by the PTA/Administration. Some schools wear uniforms for their class photos but allow the students to dress up or down on Picture Day,
The spring program allows your child to dress casually for a more fun Picture Day experience.

Q. When is my school's retake scheduled?
A. A notice will be sent home with your child informing you of the date and time.
Retake days are scheduled by the PTA/Administration usually 5 weeks after photo day.

Q: What do I do if I want a refund?

A: At
V&K Portraits, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If any of you are not happy with your photographs, you should keep the class picture if one was included in your package. Return the entire package to the photographer on retake day with a note on the outside of the package requesting a refund or mail the entire picture package to our address:
1551Sweetman Av. Elmont, NY, 11003

*Requests for refunds must be submitted in 14 days after you receive your portraits.
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