Prepaid Portraits 

We have found this program to be very successful and produce higher sales.

This is simply a Picture Day where your students will take a photo brochure home and their parents pre-select a package and return the money in an attached envelope on Picture Day.

This indicates to the photographer that your parents wish to have their child’s picture taken. Only students that return payment will be photographed with this program.

Pictures will be delivered to the school with their name on their packages within 3 weeks.

All portrait programs include special portrait ad-on products such as key chains, bookmarks, mugs, Future President Posters and metallic gift products.

Class pictures are a must have.
V&K Portraits offers a variety of styles to capture the excitement of the entire class.

Designs include:   Class Group, Memory Mate, or Class Composite
Capturing Smiles and Creating Memories ...
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