School photos Today?

One morning not to long ago, just as my daughter was about to walk out the door for school,
I glanced at the calendar. Scribbled in the little square for that day were two horrifying words: “School Photos.” What?? School photos, today?! Why didn’t somebody remind me?
I looked at my daughter - ratty sweatshirt, tangled hair she had forgotten to wash after last night’s soccer game - and she saw the panic in my eyes. “Go!” I said. “Upstairs! Put on something cute! Brush your hair! And HURRY!”
Every year from October through April, millions of children will pose for their school pictures. Some will blink at the critical moment. Others, the ones who hate having their photo taken, they will refuse to smile. The rest are evenly divided between the deer-in-the-headlights look and those super-huge fake smiles that look like they’ll split open the child’s face.

Years later, old school pictures can amuse (“I looked like that?”) or embarrass (“Mom, why did you let me wear that outfit?”). LOL…

When it’s all said and done these memories last a lifetime, as seen on the walls in millions of homes all over the world.

V&K Portraits is proud to play our small part in providing you with such great memories.

V&K Portraits, Inc. does its utmost to produce the finest quality school portraits available. However, if you’re not pleased with your portrait package, we would like to offer you the option to retake your photos or provide a refund. *“Hassle Free”

*Request for refunds must be made in 14 days after you receive your portraits.
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